What the heck is EOC?

What the heck is EOC?..

end of cfa.

not end of cfa, its end of chapters

seriously folks these questions are priceless

end of chapter

Estimated Ouzo (shots) to Completion

Equal Opportunities Commission

economic opportunity cost

EOC is the National Electricity Company of Chile, it has an alpha of 38.55%. Check it out … http://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=eoc

what is BB? I see it everywhere but don’t see it defined.

bare back

Well, it could be:

  • Bridget Bardot,
  • A 4.3 – 4.4 mm zinc- or copper-plated steel ball fired from a compressed-air gun of the same name,
  • A blues guitarist with the surname King,
  • or a whole bunch of other stuff

But it’s probably a problem in a CFA curriculum book that appears in a B lue B ox.

EOC is Emergency Operations Center


hahahaha this thread is awesome!