What the ****?

Why is there a profanity filter now? We’re all grown ups that work (or strive to) in a world where there’s generally a lot of cussing. We went over this when AF V2.0 was launched and it was agreed we’d get some latitude.

What gives?

I will look into this.

i think its a good idea for all sections save the water cooler

The profanity filter will be staying since this is an advertiser-supported site and the use of profanity goes agains the AF community rules.

Ok, so when dozens of people bypass the filter by doing something like “f’uck” are the mods going to ban them? Otherwise, threads are going to look like texts from 12-year olds.

Also, and I’m genuinely curious, have you received feedback from your advertisers that the language on this site has made them wary of continuing to advertise? That would be extremely surprising to me given the nature of what people have come to expect to see online.

While your current advertisers definitely are a good fit, have you checked into using Google Ads? I be surprised if you didn’t make more money through Google and they don’t give a sh!t (see how annoying that’s going to be) what language is used.

And, on a personal level, this is pretty insulting. I’ve been a part of several varying online communities and none of them simply blanket censor words across the board. They’ll moderate content and act accordingly when things get out of hand, but simply using a word like c0ck wouldn’t be cause for concern.

Does this have anything to do with the lack of moderation since bchad died? S2000 hardly goes into the WC anymore and I’m not sure I’ve seen itera around lately. Numi is busy…seems like if you want a “cleaner” site, you should invest in more/better mods. Censorship isn’t the way to go.

Lastly, after reviewing the Rules, I don’t see where simply using bad language is prohibited. Being obscene or profane can easily be done without the use of bad words. And the use of bad words doesn’t automatically make something obscene. At any rate, the rules say nothing about banning specific words.

I have received feedback from an advertiser about the language on the site.

Then drop them. You’re telling me P&G will run ads for diapers on YouTube before a video featuring a 14 year old screams profanities at a video game but Kaplan doesn’t like it when someone says “sh!t” and a site where there absolutely no logical reason anyone under 18 would visit?

Whatever. I’m sure we don’t share the exact same values, but I’d like to think you’re running a site you’re proud of and not just something that’s a minor profit center for you. Censoring adults isn’t something that should sit well with you.

Macro-level analysis as usual with me…

There is a hard-core crack down on free speech in the USA. It’s about profits, and it’s also politically oriented (silence non-liberals). The “Trump Revolution” is in part a rebellion against that, he’ll probably be putting things thru over the next 8yrs to counter the PC pu$$y-culture. But as of right now, you still see the tech/media guys pushing ahead meeting with zero organized resistance, internet authoritarianism.

It’s unhealthy, we are talking about advertisers controlling what is okay to say. It happens in baby steps. Next let’s ban everyone who says anything “Islamophobic”, because advertisers don’t like that, etc…

Actually, I go there several times a day.

I rarely go to Investments and Careers, however.

The censoring robot has gone rogue. I tried to write the word t!tles but it came out as titles. … I assuming because the root of t!tles is, of course, t!t.

But you’re participation has declined, as has that of other regulars.

I can see from Chad’s perspective the WC regulars probably aren’t a big priority since most of us have already completed the exams and therefore have no use for the advertisers’ services. That’s why I asked about Google Ads. Seems like a missed opportunity to market to those of us that literally spend all day here.

Anyway, the comments in the WC with all the ***** look like sh!t. That’s my feedback.

^^^^thats pretty lucid for being drunk in the jacuzzi. Just saying.

I have more in common with Don Draper than Patrick Bateman. Most days anyway.

so no moderation in those 2 sections?

btw what happened to iteracom, is there a replacement mod?

Thanks for the feedback. I will make some adjustments to the settings.

I am sure the brilliant minds on this forum, with some modicum of imagination, will be able to deduce what is meant in a sentence even if the profanity is filtered :slight_smile:

KMeriwetherD – speaking of “titles”… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VCWmHeTC_8

^^^ :grin: That’s terrific!

That’s not my point and I’m fairly certain you were able to deduce that.