what the??

so I was replying to someone in the nuked North Korea thread because I am honestly confused. I was under the impression that after my grammar comment (in total jest due to the unarguably funny coincidence that it was made in someones comment about another’s grammar) a everyone ensued with witty and intentional errors themselves; as when someone wrote “unbeleibible”, “though”, etc. But then there was defensiveness… so I am left wondering if the person who wrote ‘your welcome’ honestly feels is grammatically correct or were they just joking? This is retarded but I really have to know. Please say you were joking when you stated that ‘your welcome’ is correct. edit- all sorts of grammar errors :slight_smile:

I always uses ‘your welcome’. its mine signature mistake. and i love it.

ah- ok- I figured love it

you still ? edited for inappropriateness

ahhhh- don’t do that to me!!

What happened to my North Korea post? Taken off by the admin?

I find it funny your post got nuked, it isn’t like the North Koreans even have internet, we can talk all the dirt we want about them and they will never know!

chad is from N korea. his full name is chadsan kung pao.

Kim Chaud-jung (you need a hyphen)

pizza up the nose this time lol- but you forgot KIM . chadsan kung pao lim lee park

pizza up the nose this time lol- but you forgot KIM . chadsan kung pao lim lee park

The China p&rn thread got nuked too, WTF.

Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il’s Songun politics are the lifeblood of the Korean people single mindedly united as one in harmonious steel-strong rock-hard heroic ranks of invincible mass-valour and undying loyalty for the Leader and a banner of perpetual victory over the cravenly cowardly criminal capitalist US imperialists, their satellites, henchmen, hirelings and servants. As long as Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il the brilliant statesman, political genius, prodigious humanist, intellectual giant, prolific songwriter, superb theorician, and invincible military commander leads the Juche-based man-centered Korean-style socialist perfect system freely chosen by the Korean people in single-minded profound respect and admiration for Dear Leader and his invincible Songun politics, the criminal capitalist crooked contrived consumerist US imperialists will never defeat, stifle, or browbeat the great invincible prosperous powerful Democratic People’s Republic of Korea into submission thanks to Dear Leader’s invincible Songun politics that are the lifeblood of the Korean people.

I just put ‘makes beverages go through akanska’s nose’ on my resume. It is a skill that clearly needs to presented to prospective employers. I’ll see you guys at KKR.

I appreciate the humor is coming back to the forum- got a bit stuffy post exam. Just tell KKR I’m claremont alum- henry and george will like that

i am glad you are back. havent seen you in a while. the original AF hottie.

I just checked the CFAI member directory. There is no CFAs in North Korea. That said, where the hell is Al Core when 2 of his female employees are captured in North Korea? Spies or not…

purealpha Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > The China p&rn thread got nuked too, WTF. dam looks like i missed all the good stuff, what was that about? hairy stuff?

Oh man, that was like the most awesome thread! Then Kkent got involved and it turned into a total cluster…thanks Kent for ruining our good clean fun!

THis is bullshit. I check in and all the good threads are gone?!? CHAD IS A DORK.