What time did you stop studying tonight?

Doing a round of QBank and calling it good, figure about 10:45pm or so

It’s 8:22 here on the left coast, and I’m three beers deep. Friday has to be a relaxing day.

I ago studying at 8 :30 am Saturday morning…after A good nights sleep ofcourse…it’s not over till then…

Agreed with NByz. I watched the game and started drinking. Nice.

Still at it, feel refreshed and not bogged down, tomorrow is a hectic day. Lots of sports though, should be a good time.

Still going strong. Running through Econ in qbank.

Chuck. Have a corona with lime. Settle down. Come on now.

Also still at it, i’m reviewing FRA now…forgot some of the tricky LIFO-FIFO questions they ask. Still at it chuck?

Dude, cowtown, aren’t you the one saying you’re getting like 90 on the mocks. If so, you’ve got issues, bro.

Can’t…stop…studying. I think I may be addicted. j/k Once I’m done with Econ I’m going to do a “little” FRA review. These are the only sections that could hold me back on Saturday. I’ve invested all this time so far so I figure another day of studying is only going to help. billy I want to have 14 Coronas right now. Cowtown Just like that pink energizer bunny. Dude, you’re going to crush the exam. I need to look over LIFO/FIFO some more. I expect at least 6 or 7 questions on inventory accounting alone.

Issues I have billy, issues I have.

Final run on FSA. On DDAY…I am still thinking what to wear…

I’m going with fleece pants and a t-shirt and a comfortable hoodie, and untied running shoes. Any temperature i should be good. Comfort is most important.

just stopped, 11:43pm now in CA Don’t plan to study tomorrow, maybe go to driving range in the morning to relax a little bit. Too tense up tonight.

Gary, where’s your test center? Mine is SD.

You’re up pretty late B-to the 49-50 ethics test-g. You have to get on the right sleeping pattern for Saturday.

Yeah for sure. Make sure you’re comfortable during the exam, defiintely wearing a hoodie and slacks. Running through qbank before calling it a night in a few. Goodluck to you all!

I’ll let you know when I stop. Probably about 2 hours from now. Take a sample mock while I watch tv