What time do you study?

I usually study in the evenings, after work. However lately I’ve been finding myself very tired and having trouble concentrating. So, I was thinking of maybe setting the alarm a couple hours earlier than usual and studying in the morning.

Has anyone done this? Any suggestions? I know all this really depends on your personal preference and whether you are a morning person, or not. But I just thought I’d ask around to see what time works best to study for everyone.

I’m a morning person myself, And I found that this works best for me. I get back from work around 7:00PM and go to sleep immediately, set alarm at 3:00AM, get up study from 3:00 til around 7:30 then I get ready and go to work.


  1. Way less distractions, easier to focus (Nothing much to do at 3AM, and probably no one else awake)

  2. You feel like you want to achieve more because you woke up at 3AM, wouldn’t want all this time to be wasted


  1. It sucks waking up at 3AM (obviously)

  2. Takes approximately 4-5 days to adapt to this new sleep pattern (fist few days are hell)

  3. It definintely affects your concentraion at work, so if your a broker or and FX dealer I don’t recmmoned this strategy

Best of luck :slight_smile:

I also study in the morning. I feel like I have absolutely nothing left after I get off work so really this is the best time for me. I wake up at 5:00 and then study from 5:30 or 6 until 8 or 8:30. I usually can do multiple choice problems or some Schweser QBank problems during work so that averages me at ~3 hrs/day, which is pretty decent. I’m definitely more focused and there are way less distractions.

Props to you guys for gettin up so early. I am compeltely the opposite and usually burn the study oil late into the night.

I, too, study in the morning. I find it difficult to just get up and study, so I hit the gym around 6am, get out at 6:30am, and start studying at 6:45. The exercise helps me focus. Even if I only get 45min to an hour in in the mornings of studying, the quality of studying is much better than at night. I find that I can shave off a few hours on the weekends if I do this five days a week.

I study until 1-2 am each night. Start around 9 pm or so

you do not feel sleepy in the day?

no, I drink lots of energy drinks! I also have always been a nigh owl and seem only to need 6 hours a day of sleep. And I live in the same building that I work (just up a few floors) so my commute is like 2 min. I can roll out of bed at 7:45 and be on a conference call in my office by 8.

I go to my old uni library to study after work. I miss the peak hour traffic and get the time to study.


Wake up at 6 and shower

Study / drink coffee 6-7:30

7:30 Breakfast / go to work


4-5 hours each day (except today I totally blew it)

Mon-Fri - No study. 12 hours work + 2 hours commute. CFA study: Saturday - 15 hours, Sunday - 15 hours. So total average 30 hours/week.

get in at 7:30 leave at 4-5pm gym study 2-3 hours. weekend 18 hours.

got the cfa level 2 app on my iphone read it at work if i get a chance

1.5 Hours a day before work

3.5 hrs per day. 10.30 PM - 2 PM ( even in weekends)

I would go absolutely crazy if I studied 15 hours in one day.

Anyway I’m going to begin studying before work, probably start waking up at 5:30, then reviewing notes and flashcards at night before bed.