What time does the afternoon session end?

I am trying to book a flight leaving after the December Level I exam (Houston) and was wondering if the exam ends at 5PM (like CFA says in its “sample”) or does it vary wildly by location?

You have until 5 to finish, but you may finish before that. If you finish in the last 30 minutes you can’t leave early. I would plan on leaving at 5 and give yourself 15 minutes to get to your car and get out of the parking lot.

Houston was a mad house for the test in June, tons of highschool graduations going on. December you should be fine, if you are flying out of hobby it is about 10 minute drive, out of intercontinental probably 30 mins from downtown.

Leave yourself ample time. I would get a late flight and not even think of taking a chance. Those exam centers can be madhouses after the exam - no sense in stressing out about one more thing.

Theres a pretty sweet bar right across the street where quite a few people met up at. Should probably go there and get tanked then take a cap to the airport