what time to arrive?

any advantages of reporting early? I am travelling to another city and with all the traffic there…reporting early(at 8) might be a problem… so are there any instructions given by the proctors early on or should i arrive a bit later

They are paranoid about timing. And if they say that reporting time is 8 am, you better make sure your a$$ is there by 7:45-50.

how do u know? ur sitting for l1 for the first time too? right? and it actually says u can come by till 8:35?

2nd attempt. First was in this June.

Well if you want, you can take your chances, but it’s highly risky and I wouldn’t advise it.

oh! urs is mumbai too?

how is it risky? its writtern on the exam ticket that candidates should arrive till 8 and not late than 8:35?

First, if you plan to arrive at 8:00 and you get delayed for any reason, then…you get delayed. There’s no harm in getting there early and studying or relaxing.

Second, they will close and lock the doors at 8:30. That’s when they begin the instructions on how to fill out your exam booklet. If you aren’t in the room, then you will not be allowed to enter until after the instructions are read and the other candidates begin. Then, you will have to fill out your answer sheet and your test booklet, taking up your precious time. And you will probably not get it right, because you have to put your candidate number here, your name there, etc.

Your best bet–show up early. Don’t be an idiot.

Those of you taking the exam at the Javits Center (NYC)…the area is an absolute dump and the subway lines aren’t located close by, I would just get off at either Penn Station or Times Sq. and walk, you never know with taxis… it says that over 4,000 people are expected to show up to the test center…

Toronto takers - if its still at Toronto Congress centre; it’s a huge cluster f**k. Best option is to be there super early AND get dropped off. Parking is limited. Last june there were 3KM worth of lineups trying to get into the centre (only one road entrance) on the 401. People had to ditch their cars on the road and got towed. EXPECT DELAYS.

If I had to do it again I’d probably book a hotel room across the street.

Bring EARPLUGS - you are near the landing strip of Pearson Airport

Dress warm, the convention hall is nothing but concrete and steel. It was cold in the SUMMER.

^ Thanks for the heads up mk17!

How early? An hour early enough?

An hour is not a lot of time on Exam day especially as you will need to get in, find a parking spot, take a piss and find your hall. My suggestion is to wake up super early, eat, and get there as soon as possible. Even if you are waiting in the hall it’s better than trying to rush to get in by 8:30.