What to choose CFA or FRM for career?

Hello. I want to get some advice: what to choose between CFA and FRM and start preparing for the exam. What profession is most popular among the CFA and FRM candidates? What is easier: to get a job if I have a basic knowledge in the risk management and passed FRM Level 1 or in corporate finance and pased Level 1 CFA? I`m interested in both directions, and I want to learn about what exam is more demanded. Thank you for your answers.

Most people ( read all) who work in risk management have very decent quantitative backgrounds , so unless you have at least a masters in math/stat I think FRM is not a good choice. Also most FRM people I met did it because of the curriculum and the knowledge, not because of the prestige as it carries not much weight.

Thank you for your answer. I don’t carry about prestige, my calm is knowledge)! I have math, probability, stats, background, and I’m learning data mining now. But I want to know which profession is most common for candidates (CFA/FRM) and I want to know which exam gives more chances for career, which specialists more necessary for employers?

^ PM Igor555 he is in charge of the eastern european mentoring of this website , super helpful and cool.Best of luck in your pursuit.

What’s an FRM again? Sounds like free roaming martian

itera, make love, not war)

I’d like to think I’ve been to a lot of events and done my fair share of networking but I’ve never met anyone with an FRM.