What to do during the final days?

Hi Guys,

So, I am having a problem of deciding what to do during the final days. I read Schweser (did not even look at the CFA material), did the 6 PM Schweser Mocks (I reviewed 2 with the solutions next to me, and did the 4 on my own with an average around 80%), did the 2 CFA Mock (AM 75%, PM 82%), and reviewed the 6 AM Schweser Mocks and 2014-2016 CFA AM exams. By reviewing I mean that I read the question, but to save time I did not put down my answer (just thought about it), I looked at the solution and highlighted anything that I missed. But I am still quite nervous, as there is no way to know everything. However, these are the things I did not do:

  • I did not have a look at any of the EOCs

  • No topic tests so far

My plan is to review all the exams that I did one more time, then do the TTs, and if I have time then maybe read the chapters again that I hate the most (my performance is quite well balanced I think, so I miss a few question here and there, but they are not related to a particular area, so during the PM mocks I usually scored 4 to 5 in all the topics with some inconsistent outlier).

What do you suggest for me to do? Should I skip reviewing the exams? Should I focus more on TTs? Should I do more AM CFA exams from the past?

Thank you!

You haven’t done any AM timed past papers at all - I mean actually sitting down 3 hours and writing?

You need to do this imo.

Fully agree. In my opinion AM ist not hard when you do not have time restrictions. The challenge is doing it in 3 hours.

I have not done that. To be honest even when I was doing the PM Mocks I was taking quite a few small breaks (after every 2-3 vignettes I checked those 2-3, and then I made a tea etc.), because I cannot sit for 3 hours unless there is a pressure on me. I know that writing for 3 hours will be really difficult that is why I was making a lot notes when I was reviewing the AMs to prepare for that.

So far time was never an issue for me during the previous CFA exams. But who knows, I guess timing the 2013 AM Mock would not be a bad idea.

Other comments other than timing an AM would be nice?

Do topic tests. May boost your PM score.

Do you think that the scores I have are not enough?

These are pretty good scores but in my opinion TTs are a bit harder. May bring a few % on exam day.

I would prefer doings AMs timed but you asked for alternatives.

I’d suggest doing the EOC questions for Reading 12 that’s on the CFA website. Reading 12 is underrepresented in the mock exams and may be a good refresher.

All you may need at this moment is practice AM under 3-hour exam like condition. Otherwise you’ll lose on time management in AM and that’s (usually) the end of story unless you crush PM.

Thanks for the comments.

To be honest I neglected to practice like that because so far time was never an issue for me (not just for CFA, in general). Even with my breaks I do the PMs around 2 hours, and last year I think 50-60% of the time would have been more than enough for me on the real deal at Level 2. And then I only did Schweser end of chapter questions plus TTs, no mocks at all. I get that it is different, but so far I was not afraid of the time pressure at all (and let’s face it, we do not need to aim for 100%).

Is your AM and PM Mock first attempt score i.e. 75% and 82%

Yes. I did them yesterday, never had a look at them before.

Seriously go do an AM…most of us will crush PM…am is the make or break. It’s not a joke. It’s not easy. Good luck.

Topic tests score: 75%

Mocks CFAI 2017: 71%

AM Exams: 63%

What do you guys think about those scores??

Now I am reviewing weak areas, and I feel like I am burning out. 2 days of reviewing and practicing remaining - ethics, book 2, formulas… Friday is for resting, won’t touch the material.

That’s the most important thing. Btw, results are good. Try to review incorrect answers in AMs only.

Yes, AM is my focus now. I am sure you will pass flashback :slight_smile: Best wishes to Zagreb :slight_smile: