What to do first for L1?

Per this topic :confused: Looking for some quick thoughts around prep for my Grad Finance class Thanks in advance to all - and good luck. What are your Top 3 as far a needed for prep (not including the CFA materials) to pass the test?

  1. Video lectures
  2. Chapter readings
  3. Qbanks
  4. Mocks
  5. Summary Notes
  6. Formula Sheets
  7. Study Planners

Greetings friend! Here is my advice for whatever it’s worth:

  1. Get a good video lecture series if you like videos, I used Chalk & Board and they worked great for me. Take notes on the lectures by topic - these can be your study materials going forward.

  2. Do all the multiple choice questions in the CFA Institute’s Learning Ecosystem, within your Candidate Resources part of their website.

  3. Do as many mocks as you can, including but not limited to the official CFA mock exams on their website (not the same as their multiple choice questions in the Learning Ecosystem, the mocks are separate). I would try to do at least 4-5 mocks during the last 6 weeks before your L1 exam. You can break them up into half-day sessions so you don’t burn out. Just try to do as many high quality mocks as you can and you’ll be well prepared for the exams.

Cheers - good luck - you got this :+1:

Take the time to read the calculator manual - and do the examples!!!