What to do in London

I’m on holiday in London for one more day. Could anyone give me recommendations on how to spend it. I think I’ve covered most of the tourist stops. This will be my ninth day in England–nice place. I’ve been in London for two of those days.


If you’re into clubs/dance music…tonight is a cracker @ Fabric. The DJ lineups are reeecockulous and they have a bass-responsive floor that will rattle your chest cavity. It’s awesome. If you’re not into that, why don’t you take in a show in the theater district. There’s that half-price ticket booth right in Leicester Square. Other than that, there’s a ton of small lounges and stuff that are cool (although, more pretentious than the clubs I go to). Just ask around. Also, check out a live music venue…there’s always wicked acts/shows coming through Londontown. Pick up this week’s edition of Time Out magazine…it tells you anything and everything going on.

…Or you can try my favourite: Milk and cookies

Slimelight for clubs or if your into sports and you want to see a bunch of a americans go to the sports cafe in haymarket

shit - just checked the website and suicide commando is playing at slimelight tonight!!! you gotta check that shit out for a good time… go to sports cafe on sunday to watch good ole’ american football