What to do this weekend?

My wife has given me a “get out of jail free card” all day tomorrow, 1/2 of Sunday and 1/2 of Monday. So far my plan is to do the BSA Exam starting early early AM tomorrow. I will also do the last CFA Practice this weekend. The rest I could do Schweser exam book 2, tests 2,3 or study various areas. I’m getting out of work early Wed, Thursday and I only plan to hit Ethics those days. Currently I’m pretty strong at Ethics, FRA, Corp Fin, Equity, FI and Alts. The rest from not good to bad is: Econ, Quant, Derivs, Portfolio. I’m not terrible at any of the others but if the “wrong” item set were to show up I would probably pull 3 for 6. Quant and Portfolio are targeted at 5% around each, chances are I could spend almost the whole weekend in Treynor Black and Times Series and never see a question on it. While I could make sure I pull 5 out of 6 or 6 out of 6 on some other parts that have a high probability of showing up. What would you study? Also I do feel that if you can nail your strong parts hard and fast that only gives more time for the difficult Swap / Covered int arb questions.

Take the practice exams. Hone in on your weak areas and try to fill any gaps before Saturday. Forget TB and Time Series. I’d agree that you would be wasting your time. If a full blow item set arises from TB I think the entire candidate pool is going to score a fat 2/6. Of the four subject areas you said that you are weak in, two of them have a capped 10% exam weight (Econ & Quant) whereas the other two are max 15%. I would put my money on the heavier weightings. L3 is 50% PM so you’re going to need to master that area sooner than later.

If the CFAI mock 2010 means anything, that is they can fit easily anything into one item set, even the whole TB set is unlikely, 2 questions for that in a mean-variance set is not impossible. I’d suggest you tilt your efforts on the concepts and formulas, rather than doing the Schweser exam book 2.