What to do with all the CFA textbooks

I have 2009, 2010 and 2011 L3 CFA texts, plus old L2 and L1 texts and just wandering what I am going to do with all these books.

winter is coming…i think the cabin fire needs some fodder :stuck_out_tongue:

I will keep them. There is a lot of useful information in them.

I will tear the bookcover off… sort of revenge…how come those guys keep smiling all the time when we were suffering…

I always recycle the books after each pass. It is quite cathartic. After the exam, it’s just paper to me and I have access to the eBooks for a number of years if I really need to look something up that I can’t find elsewhere, which doesn’t tend to happen.

I just take them to work and keep them there for reference. If the ebooks stayed for either I suppose I’d recycle them.

Have it in ur library at home. Save a set at each lvl. 40yrs from now ur grandkids are gonna ask what they are. U will then go for hrs on end abt these 6hr exams with low pass rates that take 300+ hrs to study for one lvl.

hehe by the time u have grand kids…the mode of learning will be instant (3 minute upload of CFA material to the brain like in the matrix)…they will laugh at us!

zazu11 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I will keep them. There is a lot of useful > information in them. yea will keep them they are useful and will remind me of what i have went through :slight_smile:

I kinda fantasized about dancing around a bonfire naked. However, I might keep them as references going forward. … I will keep them in a personal museum with a big sign above saying “never again”

Yea, keep it. I completed my CFA in 2009, kept only the L3 books including Schweser and gave the others away. Now I regretted as time and again, there would be moments I wished I have some references to flip to cuz I know exactly what are in those textbooks. Instead I have to waste time trawling the Internet / Wikipedia if I wanted them, and mostly not relevant to my needs.

I sold my L1 + L2 books and will probably keep my L3 books.

I have my CFA level 1 books from 2006, my CFA level 2 books from 2009, and now my CFA level 3 books from 2011. Its been a long journey.

I’m displaying them proudly on my bookshelf so people who visit will know I have no life

Keeping the L3 books, will throw my Stalla materials up on ebay. I wish the ebook option was available sooner, it would be nice to have the L1 and L2 materials as a reference.

BPDulog I think as a potential charterholder - you are allowed to pay and possess the current materials from CFAI directly… (not sure if a discount applies or you have to pay full price).