What to do with over 1 month of no work

Well all, I got the job I really wanted, working for a big 4 in copenhagen in global transfer pricing. Problem is I dont start until Nov 3!!! I have been here for over a month already of not working, and now I have another month off! So I don’t know what to do. So any ideas?? Not to mention that Scandinavia is expensive and without any inward cashflow it is bleeding me dry of cash here, so I will do a bit of travel in europe but only a week or 2 cos I can’t afford to waste more! ANthing I could do to make some extra cash on the side in this time maybe? On the internet even?

That’s a terrible problem to have… I feel very bad for you!

haha, ok i dont want it to sound like its terrible, cos you are right, its pretty good, but im getting bored here. so any suggestions would be great

Buy some long equity options next few days.

http://www.autodriveaway.com/ In the USA we have drive away which are companies specialized in transporting cars for clients. One can become a volunteer and drive a car from one location to another only paying for gas, food, and lodging. It saves wear and tear on your car and it forces one to visit parts of the country they otherwise may not ever see. Just my .02

How do you trust the driver?

Dreary Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > How do you trust the driver? The driver puts a deposit down and they must have a clean driving record.

It is approaching winter - so move to Argentina or Brazil where it is summer and get a bartending job down there, chill, and pick up some south american chicks. Buenos Aires is a cool place - but the closest beach is Mar del Plata. You could do Rio as well in Brazil, but if too big, Paraty, Buzios, or Florianopolis would be chill. Then again, a plane ticket would cost you $$ as well . . .

Write a book. Read books. Draw or paint. Do some volunteer work.

Im in europe, I think I’ll be travelling around here. Just got to decide how to get there on the cheap and where to go. THat drive away thing would be great, but dont know fo any in europe

Arent the women there supposed to be super hot?

day trade your sign on bonus dude - let me know if you need some small cap ideas

Dude, definitely travel. You’ll have the rest of your life to make money. Enjoy your month off. It will go by much faster than you realize.

I can confirm the scandinavian women are unbelievable!! But I have a girlfriend who is one of them.

Take a roadtrip. See the country firsthand.

maddane Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I can confirm the scandinavian women are > unbelievable!! > > But I have a girlfriend who is one of them. Tough life indeed!