what to do witht the anser sheet

i have just purchase one mock exam from CFAI and after completing it they send me a pdf file with the answers only !!! so am i supposed to memoreize all the questions of the exam !! or what ?!! what dose it benefit me only answers with no questons !!!

The answers also tell you what part of the books the question came from. Reading the answer gives me insight as to how the problem was done too. I think they are very beneficial.

Some people have posted some of the questions… did they copy them somehow? Did we all get the same mock? or is there a pool of questions?

lol it says before you write the exam… if you want immediate feedback you should have purchased samples anyways i think the other’s did printscreen while doing the exam

I also think they’ve done printscreen, bcse I have the answers but no questions. Although could identify some questions on AF very similar to the ones on the mock.

Print screen is blocked I believe.

mcf Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Print screen is blocked I believe. lol… why don’t they want us to have those questions… can’t understand their logic sometimes…