What to expect from headhunter interview

I applied to an ER position online, the headhunter set up an interview with me but I’m not really sure what to expect question-wise. I imagine it’s a sort of screening interview. Anyone interviewed with one before?

They will ask very basic stuff:

  1. Why you want to leave your current job

  2. Describe your work experience

  3. How much money you make/expect to make

They will probably give you some details about the advertised job to see if you are still interested. Headhunter interviews are generally quite early in the process.

F*ck headhunters. Search AF for reasons why.

  1. DO NOT give them any info about your current job, your boss’ name, etc. They want a commission for filling you job on the way out.

  2. Dumb it down since most of these clowns are retarded.

  3. Do not tell them what you make. None of their fuggin business. If they push, push back. I can’t stress this enough. Tell them you wish to know the allocated range of the role they are filling. If they wont’ tell you, then that’s a red flag. Good recruiters are suppose to be on your side since they stand to make a big commission. The one’s who are not on your side are not worth working with.




Best insight ever below:

Haven’t you people learned to deal with recruiters yet?

You have to treat these people like crap and let them know you are in charge.

Being verbally abusive is a must.

If they won’t tell me about the position I tell them to never call me again period.

I usually interrrupt them right in the beginning of their pitch and tell them the real deal.

“Look, I know how this game is played, don’t waste my time, let me know what you got and if I’m interested I’ll let you know, and no, I’m not going to tell you how much I make.”

These people have no leverage with you and you must be aggressive with them.

I have found this to be the case 90% of the time.

If you come off like a pussy, they will be blowing smoke up your arse all day long telling you how every job they have is a great fit for you.