what to expect of first summer training

finally got in…its deutsche bank india in their STOCK LENDING AND BORROWING DEPT…

what to expect? how many hrs a day? what skills should i learn before going in? i am learning vba and financial modelling right now…almost done with it!


Congratulations on your job offer. What is your actual role in this department?

to be honest idk! i have a friend working over there and i asked him if he can get me in the summer training program and asked me to email my resume to the HR guy…i did and there response was that my skill set didnt match the vacancies they had…since i was busy with my exams i didnt bother to call him back. then today evening (after almost 2 months)he called me back but i was away so he talked to my brother and told him that he has arranged for my summer training programme with them and asked me to call him tommorow afternoon. so i dnt know till tommorow

and btw what i really want to know is…if i do well on their training program are there chances they offer me a full time job? i have almost 0 work experience till now

Wait, so you accepted a job without knowing the job description?

its not a job,its a summer training program of around 2-3 months. i havent accepted it yet(no formalities done).i wanted to get some work experience before i get an actual job in august/september. and i was desperate to get an internship in IB preferably securities division and thats where i got it