What to make out of it?

Some of you might remember my story about the indecent proposal to work on trial - and how it ended. NDA, delayed payments, etc. Ironically this dodgy co has suddenly transferred some decent dough into my account. To be honest, I barely check that account’s statements as it is long idle. It is a miracle I even checked that account today. Now I am sitting surprised.

It must be a mistake. Or not? Is it some sort of a twisted test?

What would you do in such a situation. Of course, I will report it.

But I am a little bit in a revenge mode, considering how they forbade me mentioning my work and the involvement with the firm, refused to give me the reference letter and abused my language skills which are perfectly fine. So I wish them to come to me first. Yet I am wondering if it is another dirty attempt to discredit me.

shut up and take the money

Igor, your advice violates the CFAI COE und SOPC.

how decent is this decent dough, is the question

Not serious enough to flee the country and settle in some offshore zone. More like a monthly salary of a very decent specialist.

Sounds like they paid you your 1 month due? If it’s around $5-10K, what’s the problem? It’s yours.

haha bam! igor bustedddd

They have already paid me.

Guys, nearly a week has passed, and noone is missing the money.


They probably told you about it, but you did not understand, due to English as a second language.

Keep the money and keep watch for your W-2 or 1099 tax form next February.