What to spend money on?

What do you think would be a wiser way to spend my money. Buy 1 mock (either one), buy Sample 3, or forget about taking the online tests. I haven’t faired well on either sample and it would suck to get a #*@% score so soon to the test.

Nib, I thought you were money?

fork out 100 bones and get both mocks.

I’m money on some things, but reading on a computer I am not.

I’ve been spending my money on stupid stuff to reward myself as go through this terrible experience. Next on my list: a 75 minute Swedish massage this week in order to de-stress before the exam.

happy ending?

wasn’t that implied by “de-stress”?

im hoping that cfai will make me a stat since i purchased the mocks “more and more studies are showing those to drop the 100 have passing rates”

Zombie71 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > wasn’t that implied by “de-stress”? I didn’t know the swede’s offered that.

Niblita75 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I’m money on some things, but reading on a > computer I am not. Nib, i’m the same way. but for the mocks, i did it on a bigger screen with a ton of scratch paper to take notes. you can also go back and review previous questions and don’t find out whether you are right or wrong til the end. all of these things mattered to me. big time… i think you should do the mocks. and i don’t think you will regret it.

Thanks for the input. I would like to do both, but I just don’t have the time because I am moving . . . yea I know the timing sucks.

there’s another thread by sponge man below. they are saying mock 2 is taken straight from last year’s test… that is incredible…

If that’s true it’s amazing it took this long to discover.