What to take for the exam... is this all?

Hey I was just wondering, is this here all I need to take for the exam or is there some other stuff CFA Inst requires us to have? - admission ticket - photo id - pencil - calculator Anything else?

extra pencils eraser extra calculator battery ear plugs lunch red bull watch

2 calculators is a must, if only for the back up. If one dies, no one wil give you another. Ear plugs are essential too. Lay off the caffeine and sugar, both really bad for concentration.

Almost forgot to grab some Red Bull, thanks for the reminder!

Sweater in case the room is cold (cardigan is better, so you can take it off easily if too hot.

can you have two calculators on table, I remember i read something about bringing just one calculator and you can bring screwdriver and battery but no TWO calculators. Can someone who has been there clarify this for us please. thanks

Can you bring snacks to the exam room?

You can bring two calculators. Did it in June.