What to wear to an alumni holiday party?

What would you guys wear to a college or business school holiday party? Would you roll in with business casual, or would you rock a full suit? Or, meet somewhere in the middle and go in sportcoat and slacks?

Probably not full suit - but northern California is pretty casual, so maybe it would be different if I went to school somewhere else.

Slacks and sport coat mismatched or a suit with no tie. I hear turtlenecks are back too.

A nice christmas sweater with corduroy pants


^You probably can’t bring a pistol, and that is really what pulls that look together.

^^ that get’s my vote.

The gun is good. The penis is evil.

Is that Sean Connery?

(I like how the 12 gauge shotgun shells on the shoulder straps couldn’t possibly fit into that 22 calibre pistol he’s holding - actually, maybe they’re NATO standard rounds, but they still wouldn’t fit)


Depending on your style:

Sportcoat, tee shirt, and jeans if you’re rich and want to rub it in.

Sweater over an oxford shirt, nice pants, socks that cost over $30, and very nice shoes.

Or, if you can rock it, sport a bowtie. It’ll help you stand out and they’re trendy right now. Downside is you’ll put off a hipster vibe.

Don’t wear a suit, even sans tie. That’s trying too hard.

I wore a jacket to my high school reunion and took it off when I saw a guy rocking cutoff shorts and a t-shirt. Still, I was comfortable being one of the better dressed guys there (a rarity for me in any situation). I like the idea of a sweater over a nice shirt. Have fun.

I decided to go with a gray glenplaid sportcoat and charcoal herringbone slacks. Light blue shirt, no tie. Going conservative but slightly edgy. Will let you folks know how many HCB’s I can line up later. Thanks for the tips!

Numi, with all due respect, I think you’re taking this a bit too seriously…

Be who you want to be. End of story.

If it’s not too late…go expensive super casual. Wear an inappropriately expensive watch. Perfect " I have F you money" look.

Really depends on how long it’s been since B-school, or undergrad…

Undergrad, I wouldn’t care at all what I wore to a reunion… as for b-school, I would think a little first before putting on my red holster, 6 shooter, and matching g-strap…

Nothing serious about it. Just polling my trusted AF cronies. Everything I do is fun.


I am disappointed by the lack of recognition of Zardoz…

I am going to recommend nothing in this case