What to wear to Annual CFA Dinner

My local CFA society will soon be hosting their annual dinner. I’ve never been to one of these events but I’m assuming the dress is formal. For those of you who have been, what is the expected attire? Do most people wear black suits or are grey and navy blue acceptable? Also, I don’t know anybody in the industry. Any networking tips would be greatly appreciated.

I’d say that black suits are only acceptable for funerals among other unusual occasions. I’ve been to a few CFA networking events and see a lot of people wearing suits but don’t see a good reason for it. Personally I’d just go with a sportcoat, slacks and no tie, but that’s just me.

Been to couple of society events here and everybody wears a suit. I don’t think things would be different here. I normally meet new people through a common friend so can’t say how to get the conversation going if you walk up to stranger and introduce yourself. After general introduction (where you work and what you do there), people generally complain about the sitting or food, how bad is the economy or government is f*cking it up each passing day. Needless to say, if you go to the event, keep lots of business cards with you.

Just email the organizer dammit.

I went to a CFA dinner and most people wore sports coats but not suits. I was wearing some random old fleece jacket and pink shirt - so was probably the most frumpy person there… On the other hand, people must have thought I was an important person to not care about dressing up, as they kept talking to me…


After I got my charter, I got a free admission to the annual dinner. Everyone was in a suit and tie.

I went with an obnoxious bow tie and drank as much as I possibly could. I may have still had my handle bar mustache at the time, too.

Screw it; apply the Peacock technique and pick up some HCBs.