what topic on the exam is your least favorite to study

In your opinion, what is the most boring part of the exam to study? I know its different for everyone, but what is yours? For me, its Financial statement analysis. I abhor having to study balance sheets, income statements… and memorizing what goes where. But I guess it has to be done. I’m interested to see what people like least.

analysis of income taxes or SS9 in general i don’t think it will be different for everyone – i predict most people will say FSA

So far my least favourite is Quant… can’t remember which topics, I just didn’t enjoy the whole thing. I’m still doing FSA (SS10) but I think it’s kind of interesting haha.

Econ. It was the ultimate sleeping pill. I need to go back and review it again because I slept through EVERYTHING. ZZZZzZZZzzzzz…

so far it has been Econ. Haven’t started Ethics yet… doing fixed income right now…

Quant…I get sleepy just typing the word. I’m only halfway through the material, but am excited for the remaining topics. I can’t imagine that any of it will be boring. I hated stats in college, and apparently still do.

econ is sooo boring

im an accountant and i still find fsa boring! maybe thats why im doing CFA…


I can’t stand stat, the rest of quant wasn’t too bad. I’m not sure if i start FSA or Econ next. Any suggestions?

FSA is definitely not the most exciting topic but it is one of the more important ones. If you master FSA you will have a great chance of passing.

Bite all of your toungues wrt Econ! So far it was my favorite subject. I fund quant incredibly boring, but I am starting FSA on Monday so I may have a different answer in a week.

Econ bored the crap out of me

Econ. Especially Macro

I love Econ and Quant. I don’t know how you study ethics or GIPS standards without major amounts of coffee, they are both incredibly soporific

Quant is terrible. Econ was tough too, especially the early readings.

For me Ethics are the most boring