What topics do you REALLY hate?

i can’t swap it like its hot.

im w/ passme - cant get ethics no matter what - too many ways they can kick u in the nuts. also the millions of minor details in FRA. last n least i hate my new ‘CFA gut’

anything quant and swaps

Ethics …

pedpenny Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > This chapter of my life +1

Definitely quant

efitzpat Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I hate problems (ethics and whatnot) which start > out saying something along the lines of “Last year > Julie Harmon passed the Level 3 CFA exam.” In > doing so, they are creating a CFA success story > out of thin air. Poof. > > IMHO, they ought to start the example mentioning > the hundreds and hundreds of hours studying and > misery that “Julie” went thru to get there. Not to > mention however the hell she passed those 3 levels > and then can say something as dumb as “My fund can > guarantee a mimimum 10% return,” and then also > goes and allocates hot IPO shares preferentially > to her own account. To add on to this, I hate the unnecessary inclusion of inane facts about the charterholders in these questions. Every single one is like “Cody Smith, CFA and avid windsurfer, was analyzing some financial ratios”. The ethics vignette’s are horrible in general. I find myself having to make a flow chart of who everyone is. They all live in this world where people are always making TWO STATEMENTS in the middle of lunch about interest rate caplets or something. Also really disliking pretty much all of quant that involves detecting and correcting regression issues.

I definitely hate all of quant. The stuff just doens’t make sense like the rest of it. I also don’t like the derivatives sections, too many formulas to remember.

Quants and derivatives.