What topics have you simply given up on?

we all know we can’t remember anything…so which areas are you guys …glazing over?> for me: a lot of AI sections valuation of emerging markets treynor black end part of derivatives with all the cds/cap stuff. taxes

read everything inside out except PM.

EM valuation taxes (relying on intuition more than formulas) some of the ICAPM stuff


real estate

EM valuation.

I’ve pretty much given up on SS 1-18 but I’m cool with the rest of it.

Real estate

real estate is easy guys. I am weak on EM. & freeking PM calculations.

I haven’t given up on shit, although I had planned to. Going through derivatives, econ, and quant hard until tomorrow night. Feel pretty good about everything else.

Private Equity valuation.

I’m with Skill, I’ve tried really hard not to give up on any of the topics this year… though I did have to punt second round PE financing. I will be SO happy if I open up the alternative assets section to see a real estate vignette…

Aimee, a week or two ago, I had simply thrown in the towel on derivatives, and hoped that I could compensate for the 6/12 expectation that I had, but with all the time I’ve had this week, I’m giving them a shot. Finishing up Secret Sauce now, then probably going to re-read them in Schweser. Might as well, never know what question could be the difference between a pass and a Band 10.