What type of investment?

What form of investment would you use for non-fungible assets? A. Commingled fund or ETF B. ETF or derivatives C. REIT or Commingled fund D. Mutual fund or Forwards


…intentionally designed to scare you :slight_smile:


I think its B. Because ETFs and derivatives both have multiple ways to exit a position. I think derivatives makes this the only answer. There are clearly several ways to get out of a derivatives position.

aren’t fungible assets similar and able to be exchanged for one another, so non-fungible would be opposite… D funds and fowards?? unrelated

going once, going twice …

last call for this question…

I say C

Definetely C

I go C.

without explaining you don’t get the cookie, hurry up.

Because REIT invest in real estate are itself “non-fungible assets”

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