What types of entry level jobs should i be looking for?

Hey guys, ive been browsing around the web and reading a decent amount into finace relate careers but wanted to get some advice on my specific situation. Im about a year away from completeing my B.sc in economics and am strongly considering enrolling for the CFA right after university. I live in the Praries (Sask) and dont have for the most part any expereince in finance related work (Yes i know i will most likely be looking at moving to a bigger city in CAN for opportunity). In my program i have no way of taking finance courses(have taken some mathematic of finace classes) and no accounting either. So im curious to what fields in finance i would have the best shot at geting an entry level position in? originally i was thinking of somthing in Fixed income with an econ degree (also taken a few courses on economics of financial markets based mostly on bond analysis and foreign exchange markets). How difficult is it to land entry level offers/interveiws for FX jobs? am i best off looking for work outside of finace untill i get my CFA level 1 or 2? also are there any jobs in finace that place high value on a background in economics? (doubt it but thought id ask anyway)

Side question: anyone taken the Financial modeling course from the Canadian securities Inst? i was looking into it a couple days ago

Anyways any advice welcome and thanks!!