what u do call urself after u passed all three lv3, but still dont have the exp

is it still just cfa candidate? is there a cooler title like, garanteed cfa??

“CFA Charter Pending Candidate.” Charter Pending is your status. But you’re still a candidate, since they haven’t awarded you the charter yet.

I thought you were only a candidate if you registered for an exam or awaiting results of an exam.

bchad, are you serious?

Well, I can’t seem to find any guidance from CFAI as to how to state it. 1) Your status is definitely “charter pending”… someone found that on the CFAI website. 2) To be meaningful to someone else who reads it, you’d have to say that it is “CFA Charter Pending” 3) However, my net research doesn’t find anyone saying NAME, CFA Charter Pending, but I do find a few “Name, CFA Charter Pending Candidate.” 4) While you are “charter pending,” CFAI can decide to refuse your charter, if you have done unethical things, or if you don’t have enough experience yet, so I guess that means you are still a candidate for the charter, since they haven’t given it to you and it is not guaranteed that you will get it until you have accumulated and they have approved the work experience. So not 100% sure, but pretty sure, and that’s the logic.

Good research. Thanks.

So it’s not a violation putting “CFA Charter Pending Candidate” on the resume? just want to be sure

bump, is the word pending okay even you didn’t even apply for the charter and just passed L3?

I would think that unless you have met all the requirements including getting your experience approved, you are not “pending”. At this point, if you haven’t jumped through all the hoops, you have just passed all 3 levels of the CFA exams. If you know you will receive the charter this fall because everything has been completed, you could say your status is “charter pending”. But what the hell do I know.

Not to be all cynical, but I love how there are 100 pages of ethics in the textbook, including a bunch of pages on how to refer to status, and three tests on the matter … and this straightforward and obvious question doesn’t seem to have a clear answer you can glean from the books.

^^^agreed like I have always said about ethics if I had the books in front of me on exam day I still would not be completely sure on the answers. Anyhow I think charter pending is fine see link below: http://www.cfainstitute.org/cfaprog/faq/faqs_candidates.html##40

I also found that faq answer, seems like charter pending is the candidate status, then it should be okay to say CFA Charter pending ??


what u do call urself after u passed all three lv3, but still dont have the exp A smart person that passed three tests.

I would call myself Captain Awesome. But that’s just me.

Nike Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > what u do call urself after u passed all three > lv3, but still dont have the exp > > A smart person that passed three tests. A dumb person who passed 3 tests is more suitable.

I was thinking of creating an entity that would certify anyone if he has passed all three levels but hasn’t got charter yet. The good name for this separate qualification would be Theoretically Has Earned CFA - THECFA.

How about “A smart person that passed three tests, but is useless”

So how long after the results are posted are we bestowed with the “official” charter? It takes 2 1/2 months to grade the damn thing. . . they should have that beotch ready for overnight delivery on the 19th.

One could use “CFA Level 3 Graduate.” Seems fine with the ethics standards.