What was it like being CFAvsMBA...


13 was beyond awkward…

I just loled at my desk :smiley: But hey, I thought I read somewhere you weren’t actually black? So what’s the truf?

^ Don’t believe everything you read.

haha 14, 19 are spot on.

At my high school there were two blacks and they had white parents (adopted). I grew up with both but for all practical purposes they were white.

They instituted a program called ABC (A Better Chance) where they took about 4 inter city blacks from NYC and put them into our school. They all took regular classes, had B to B+ averages and ended up at Ivy League colleges on 100% paid scholarships. Fuggun ridiculous.

lol @ 22. There must be appropriate makeup tones for black chicks, right?

Yo son, I thought you came up in Harlem.

I live here now. Grew up in chitown. Started from the bottom!

Wait a minute, not all black dudes are good at basketball? Next you’re going to tell me that not all tall dudes are good at basketball.

Yo son, theres all sorts of coloured folks up in chitown tho.

True. This aricle holds true of any diverse school.

I dont get the first one?

glory days

fu*k for a second i thought he was back…