What was the rough MPS?

Anyone figure out the mps based on the 40/60/80 rule? I am guess it was around 60 this year. I failed with a 58%.

check this out www.manuhack.com/cfamps and see if that helps

I think that method is worthless here. It will have an upward bias because there are plenty of people who skipped questions getting zeros instead of 40s.

there are some rules other than 40/60/80 in manuhack

Me too. Judging from the 40/60/80 thread. I was tabulated as a band 7 failure. You?

I’d be ecstatic if I had gotten 40% of the points on the five morning sections where I got sub-50. 70+ in the three IPS sections saved my butt. Running 71-51-20 for the morning sections, my reasonable minimum score for the morning session was 50.7%. In the afternoon, I got at least 42/60 correct (70%), with another possible 8 correct questions. Add them together and I got a reasonable minimum of 60.3%.

The MPS was probably below 60%. Atleast that is what I feel from looking at my scores.

Can’t say…i got a 56% average & still passed!