What was your first job and where are you now/like to be?

first job: management trainee in cardboard box distribution facility now: institutional asset management sales associate

What year did you graduate Tech? I was '05 kkent Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > First job: municipal bond consultant > > Current job: Multifamily Underwriter > > Time span: around 1 year (with another job in > between…haha) > > 10 years: Real estate fund manager, RE developer, > or hard money lender > > Dream job: RE fund manager, U.S. Senator, > missionary

May 2007. Hokie Hi, brother.

First gig: retirement actuarial analyst (1.5 yrs) Currently: investment analyst at foundation 10 yrs out: not sure, maybe FoF or PWM I’m with numi, I don’t want to be an office rat forever. Long term, I’d like to have accumulated enough $ to work part time or not at all and pursue things that interest me. Windsurfing, kayaking, traveling, stargazing - I have so many interests I would love to devote more time to. Some peope say that they can’t imagine not working, but I fantasize about it.