What was your first job and where are you now/like to be?

Hey guys, I tried searching for this but couldn’t find anything so here it goes… What was your first job out of college (BA and MBA)? What is you current job? (Also if you can specify the time span between your current job and first job) What job do you see yourself in after 10 years of working? ME: First job out of college - MO Risk Management/Controls crap at a fairly large firm Dream job - Portfolio Manager - long way from it. I need to get out of my current place in order to make any progress towards my goal.

First job out of college (BA) - sell-side research Current job - private equity Dream job - not having to work. I realized I am too much of a hedonist to embrace the office environment, or any real “work” of any kind. If I could be paid for the things I like doing (tennis, piano, etc.) that would be awesome. But unfortunately aside from being a teaching pro (which would pay me a lot less than what I’m making now), I wouldn’t be able to make much of a living doing that other stuff. That’s why I am sitting in this cubicle right now.

numi do you have your MBA or not yet?

First - life insurance analyst Current - investment strategy

After Bach Degree-IT Consultant After MBA-PM @ very large PWM shop Now: PM @ a family office 10yrs-running sh!t

First job out of college (BA) - portfolio analyst Current Job - same - I was lucky to get into the field of portfolio management right out of school. My manager is very pro CFA. In order to get promoted to an associate pm we would need to be sitting for L3 or have completed the program. Dream job - Portfolio Manager - as I am sitting for L2 in June I’m still a few years off.

First job - Bus Dev/Corp Planning Current job - Same (1.5 years in) 10 years from now - Not sure

no MBA for me yet, but planning to apply for class of 2012

First Job out of Uni: Analyst - Asset Liab Mgmt Current job: Analyst - Market Risk

1st: portfolio analyst at an insurance co. now (4 yrs later): financial modeling at a commercial bank

First Job: Mechanical Engineer. Projects involved beating a dead horse to pulp, then beating the pulp (not exaggerating, job was to redesign a machine that was patented and in use since 1850!) Current Job: Equity analyst covering 20 companies for small buy side shop 10 yrs: Same job, but with partnership, PM responsibilities, more money under management, and hopefully no longer underpaid

1st/Current: FA for a small IA Firm (Only been here 2 months) 2 Years: Portfolio Analyst 10 Yrs: Portfolio Manager My CFA track will start next June and hopefully that’ll only take 2 years. Otherwise I’m going to have to put the train on hold.

First job - Performance Analyst for a fund of funds Current Job - Managing data for a hedge fnd

first job : bank clerk current job : Senior Credit Analyst at a commercial bank.

first job: advertising current job: sell-side research analyst ideal: vulture investing, far away from the sell-side

first job: corp strat / bus dev (1.5 yrs in) dream job: professional lottery winner

first / current: consultant dream job: i hope to open my own m&a boutique firm (10 years from now) - one part m&a advisors (banking), one part m&a consulting (strategic/management consultants who specialize in post-deal integration and successful realization of synergies)

First job: municipal bond consultant Current job: Multifamily Underwriter Time span: around 1 year (with another job in between…haha) 10 years: Real estate fund manager, RE developer, or hard money lender Dream job: RE fund manager, U.S. Senator, missionary

1st (2005) - Commercial Credit Analyst Current - Asset Liability Management

First: Sales Current: Compliance Ideal: Owning a small clothing boutique with a short list of select clients to take care of.