What was your most complex analysis?

Analysis of individual investments or transactions, multiple transactions with one primary counterparty who has multiple related entities, etc. What has been your crowning achievement thus far?

And if any of you say your family or kids, you’re fired from the thread.

I analyzed hundreds of risks attendant to adding a third nuclear reactor to an existing nuclear power plant in Virginia.

Does that count?

That qualifies. Are you basically a math-heavy bomb tech?


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It was a chick - all analysis was wrong too.

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In finance, a few situations come to mind

I did an m+a deal once with an incredible number of permutations. The buyer had 2 segments A+B, the target had 3 X+Y+Z, and they all overlapped to some degree. So you had to model A+X, A+Y, A+Z, B+X,B+Y and so fourth. But also you had to look at combing the two together but disposing subgroups in a second transaction in a number of permutations. Each permutation needed its capital structure and financing packages. Oh and they had different GAAP and currencies.

Good fun

A couple of 5 year outlooks on a couple of industries, each with more than a dozen predictions about where the industries were headed. Each had a lot of inputs that we drew from, including dozens of industry contacts and interviews for each, reviews of data on things that were written about (consolidation patterns, utilization of different products, figuring out what customers actually wanted in products, going through a bunch of end markets, a bunch of other things for each). They were both multi hundred page reports. One was featured on CNBC and is considered a definitive piece for one of the industries I cover and has turned out to have been spot on.