What was your worst job ever?


I never really had a bad job. Certainly had my share of non-glamorous jobs, but they were all fun in their own way.

Paperboy (back before Al Gore invented the internet when everyone read a physical paper, also before parents drove their kids around to deliver the paper)

Gofer at a packaging company

Custodian at a Dunkin’ Donuts

Short order cook at a ski area snack hut

Stockboy at a department store

Retail clerk

I used to have a paper route where the first 2/3 was ALL uphill. I had a single speed bike with a coaster brake too.

When I was a bit older I delivered the Sunday AM (huge paper) in what was effectivly a shopping cart at 5 AM

I used to wash dishes at a well known San Francisco area restaurant

I was a process server and delivered subpeonas and summons to peoples homes…wait I liked that job.

Agree with Higgs on this one. Each was pretty good. Best job ever was running a landscaping company in college with my roomate. Were pulling in like $1,000-1,200 a week each in cash from late spring to early fall. Were our own bosses, set our hours, outside all day, loved what we did, was the absolute best. Worked at Panera for a bit in high school. Not really fun, but cool job to hang with kids back when I didn’t have responsibilities. Lifeguarded in the summer in high school, that was a freaking party every night after the pool officially closed. Other than that, basically worked on my parent’s farm growing up and that was good times to look back on as well.

I catalogued books at a some university library for “Asian history” or something like that. Actually, it was not that bad. It was very quiet. No, I did not see people hooking up between the shelves, even though the obscure topic meant almost no one ever went there…

IB back office

Nothing was bad, but some jobs were sure annoying.

I was Blake Mccalister’s TA once. So damn annoying how he kept raising his hand telling me that I was wrong and then he’d get up and prove it mathematically on the chalkboard with a simple yet airtight explanation that was undeniably accurate. So embarrassing. I immediately phoned up the masters program and said, “This guy is masters material if I’ve ever seen it.”

what did blake get his masters in?

I worked construction at this shady joint when I was 16 (just got my license). The foreman was a guy who had gotten out of jail for coke a little while ago and did not have a license, so we used to have to drive him around everywhere. Dude put 16 sugars in his coffee. We called him “Dank Frank”. That job sucked because I didn’t know what I was doing, although I was willing to work hard, and Frank had his brain so scrambled he couldn’t even answer a simple question. You know how at the Naval Academy if you wash out then you go into the Navy and they say you are stuck “scraping paint”? Well, scraping paint, without eye protection was definitely the worst thing about that job. Best thing? When they hired some college kids and we used to go to there house on the way to a site and drink keg beer before operating power tools and walking around on roofs. Ah, young and stupid.

Telemarketing for a phone company in college. Just…oh god, no. I did it for about three weeks, and that was way too long.

My boss was a guy who was fired from a boiler room after he ripped the face off a paraplegic guy who didn’t know better by putting him in penny tech stocks right around 2000, 2001. Paraplegic guy lost all his insurance money, sued the hell out of the boiler room (I later read the court docs out of curiousity - my former boss was clearly scum). My boss-for-three-weeks laughed about the experience as he related it to me on my first day of work. I should have just left then and there.

When I was like 17 I tried to sell medical equipment during a summer. Total amount sold in six weeks: $0.00, minus my modest teenager savings wiped out because of expenses. God, worst salesman ever.

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I came up though the ranks in the restaurant business. Dishwasher, prep cook, bus boy, bar back, etc. The jobs were not glamorous, but they sure were fun. Restaurants tend to attract very fun immature employees. The movie Waiting was 100% true to that point (I was calm and cool like the black dishwasher).

I got a football scholarship so I didn’t need to work much during college. Though I did do telemarketing during a summer. The auto-dialer is a killer. My thought would literally hurt each night after reading the same 2 dozen words over and over if I was lucky to get that far.

I’ve been bless to have never had a truely bad job. Of course all jobs brings duress at one point or another, but I want to know what the absolute worst jobs are.

All my professional jobs are basically the same. Some good, some bad. Some offer jerks, some office moms. Redtape, politics, you name it. They are all the same and you just gotta get your hustle on, avoid the fuzz, and lay back in the cut at the end of the day. Feel me?

Worst job was working at a full service car wash. I worked there for 2 weeks and 6 days, because once you hit the 3 week mark they wanted 2 weeks notice and I knew I wasn’t going to last to the 5 week mark.

I worked at a restaurant/bar for 2 summers when in college. I didn’t make a lot of money, but it sure was fun. Great coworkers, living at the beach without my parents.

Other than that it’s just been office jobs.

i thought car washes were filled with hot babes all wet and stuff…

^ they’re dry until you arrive Frank wink

You’re thinking of those high school cheerleader fundraising car washes

I worked at a Kinko’s.

/end thread

What’s the consequences of not giving 2 weeks notice to a full service car wash?

Krazykanuck reminded me that I worked at the “sport and auto” section at K-mart while in college. I got could not take it anymore and left. My boss said that becuase I did not give a full 2 weeks notice that I “would never work at K-mart again” and she was right about that.