what WASN'T on L3 last year

Going from memory, but I don’t remember seeing in 2009: - any option spreads - VWAP, implementation shortfall … so thinking these could be likely hits in '10? Re-takers: is this right? can you think of others?

I’ve heard that Corner Portfolio was not there

OK, what would this kind thinking be in behavioral finance? Gambler’s fallacy?

No, it’s not gambling … think the old tests prove that they spread the material over the years. e.g. I don’t remember much on hedge funds, a huge Alt Inv’ts topic. Also, I predict they’ll ask anything on Pension A&L since they cornholed us with that question on the a.m. session.

taken from some other thread… - Micro/Macro Attribution,  - VAR / Risk Management,  - Corner Portfolios,  - Gips Performance Presentation,  - Segmentation/Integration calculation,  - Option types ( covered/protective puts etc),  - Life Insurance /Human Capital needs  - Corporate Governance  - market execution, trading strategies, VWAP  - IIRC

what is IIRC here?

thanks… is IIRC a new topic, or slang for “go think up an original post” : )

^ whew, thought I might be the only one who had no idea what that means…

(“if I recall correctly”)