What wasn't on the Mock.

I think it might be a good idea to list the important topics that weren’t on the mock. Those would be perfect to ask. Ethics: Prudent investor Quant: Time Series Derivatives: Options, Swaps, IR derivatives That’s what I could remember, if anyone can think of other topics, please do add.

Nothing on Readings 14-17 that I can recall… also no EOCs for those sections!

some of those topics, i.e. swaps and time series were covered in the CFAI Samples

They repeated a lot of questions from previous year samples and mocks too from what I heard. Other repeaters can confirm. I wouldn’t use what was on/not on it as a guide. I’m using what was asked in EOC questions. but even that might not be wise.

I would definately be using whats on the Mocks and the “what didnt they cover” test. my plan for the PM section of the exam is to just study for 2hours (i have an apartment available to my 5min walk from the test center) on what wasnt in the AM section and hopefully pick up a few points

alottta stuff.

I really am starting to wonder…given that quite a number of chapters did not have EOCs in the CFAI text (economics, emerging markets, real estate, just to name a few), does this mean that CFAI’s focus is not on them this year? I’m pretty sure that every year, they change the chapters that have EOCs in them. Retakers or anyone, any comments?

I don’t think that is true. From what I’ve gathered a hallmark of L2 is that there is always at least one vignette on a topic out of left field that received little emphasis in the reading materials. If it is something on macroeconomics, I’m screwed.

private company valuation stuff in Equity.