What will be most valuable skills in finance in next decade? What is your choice?

I would like to improve my skills - required in “the new era”.

I am currently in portfolio management. I have CFA and Maste of finance as well experience in audit and corporate finance and advance knowledge in Excel/VBA.

Possibility would be learning programming language (python, sql or ?) , some other IT skills or maybe some management or other soft skills.

I know that everything is important and also It depends from own interest, however I would focus in one topic and would like to see general opinion.

What is your opinion and choice?

I think not offending anyone will become the most sougth after and highest paid skill.

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Sales, public speaking, negotiating

Not sure if you’re joking there but I completely agree lol. Most jobs requiring any sort of calculation will likely be washed away by algos. It seems too obvious, but basic human interpersonal skills will be/already are in high demand. Sadly, there is a giant portion of the population who are seriously lacking in this area. Some of the things people say in meetings or directly to a client are head scratching. They’re also the ones unable to look in the mirror or take advice, so there will always be an opening for those with common sense.

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