What will today be called?

In the world of finance they always have cool names for days that stick in memory, black this and that. In the future what name will be used to refer to today? Mad Poli Monday? Congressional Capers? Republicans Revenge?

We had similar bad days in '98 and '97 and I don’t think they got names. After awhile, there will be a stress test scenario about this period called something like “08 Credit Crisis”

Today will be called: “TAXPAYER APPRECIATION DAY!”

bailout failure

Paulson, You are Not King Henry, Day

Analysis paralysis day

Scr3w the Pooch day!

full house - DOW reads em and weeps

It is not so much about what the day will be called. Question really should be what will this month be called. Quite an unprecedented month. I would vote for “September Sinkings”

“Case of the Mundays”

“Dropped the soap in the prison shower” September.

White monday

Michaelmas Massacre

Lucky 7’s

The day the earth spun in the opposite direction. Are those glaciers i see?

“A portion of my retirement portfolio dropped 8.81% because you cannot afford the home you live in, day”

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) did it I reckon

They day McCain officially lost the election.


The day I received my CFA charter confirmation letter. LOL…what an irony.