What will you have for breakfast the morning of the exam?

Other than coffee what will you have the morning before the exam? Do you have a meal that’s good for brain activity or for good luck?

I’m having a health dose of nails and bringin some tacks for a snack…

Well, the night before, I will have a meal high in protein and carbs. This will be definitely fish (I always eat fish the night before any exam) and some rice with vegetables on the side. The morning of, I will have a blended fruit shake with juice and a scoop of protein powder, which is what I have everyday. For lunch, I will pack a jug of ice tea, a tuna sandwich with tomato, a piece of fruit, and maybe some small piece of candy, just to say F it!

I always have the same thing for a couple days before a big day. probably have some eggs, toast, coffee, and bacon… oh yeah

Humble pie.

I’m doing Level 2 and will be having the same breakfast as last year when I was doing Level 1: cornflakes, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages, orange juice, and coffee.

By the way, just a tip: eat whatever you want for lunch, but try to avoid talking about the morning sessions with other candidates. This will only confuse/irritate you and will increase your stress level.

refried beans and fish tacos!

Steak and eggs

Oatmeal, banana, coffee

Lord have mercy on whoever sits behind/around you! bchadwick Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > refried beans and fish tacos!

Eat a good breakfast, but not too much coffee (or you’ll have distractions during the exam). Don’t eat too heavily at lunchtime, or you may find it difficult to regain your momentum in the afternoon.

I won’t be able to eat that early in the morning. I’ll probably only have water and maybe a really small portion of muesli and yoghurt or a croissant. During lunch, I’ll probably have some sandwiches that I’ll bring along. I don’t want to subject myslef to the unneccesary stress of having to go to a restaurant in an unfamiliar area of town, where I won’t know how the service or the food will be.

Nice topic! Let’s also discuss what will we have for dinner right after the exam and what will we do after that… :))) Dreamssss!!!

A big bowl of GIPS.

I usually don’t eat breakfast so I’ll probably have some tea and some chocolate in the morning. A nice light sandwich will do for lunch. I don’t know how I’ll sleep the night before the exam. I am more worried about that.