What would be a better pre college internship?

My little brother in law has two options for summer. He begins his freshman year this fall. He has an interst in finance Local ML office or finance group at Exxon?

If your local ML office is a broerage office, then take finance group at Exxon. I took my intern at my local ML office, all I did was reading up on serie 7 book.

it is a office for brokers. I am trying to see if he could work with a credit analyst

It depends on how big the broker office is, if it house an institutional sale units, it would be worth his time…otherwise, I double they will have a credit analyst in a local brokerage office.

whichever one pays more

Definitely finance group at Exxon! What’s the matter with you? The other company has to whore out and sell its self to the highest bidder

Is finance as in the reporting or strategy unit of Exonn? If its reporting the other may be better, if its like Asset Management/Structuring/Strategy work for sure Exonn one.

How about ‘lifeguard’? Have you suggested that?

no i have not

If he can get an internship without knowing anything about finance that’s pretty impressive, I’ve never heard of someone getting an internship at a corporation like that before they even start college.

The best thing is for him to go to the beach, make friends, fuck around, and have a good time.

Yeah. I’m not really sure what the point would be of doing an internship before even taking any classes. Isn’t the idea to try an apply what you’ve learned?

I was a pool boy during my summer breaks and let me tell you…best job ever

he been following me around for 5 years so been learning about finance. I helped him set up both interviews.

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Definitely Exxon. “Big Oil” is great experience on a resume and the pay is quite good. You can have a great career in finance at a company like Exxon. Or on the other had if he is really wants to work in financial services I know of at least four people personally who left Big Oil for Wall St jobs in banking or equity research.