What would CFAI consider Professional misconduct?

From the schweser Videos, Professor Holmes says that the cfa institute is using the term misconduct to apply mostly to professional misconduct. I think if someone went to jail or got caught driving drunk that would be considered misconduct? Would it? The CFAI book says that civil disobedience isn’t misconduct.

No, drunk driving is not related professional or personal investment/financial activities.

In the same topic, fighting during a rugby game with a player from the other team is not a violation if it is a regular Sunday game, but becomes a violation if the game is “My Company versus Alpha Company”. Am I right?

I don’t think so. It’s not related to a investment/financial activity or more generally, if you did something illegal or unethical or violates a regulation AND the activity involved anything covered in the CFA’s CBOK, it’s professional misconduct. So robbing a liquor store is not professional misconduct but using your position as the treasure of a not for profit organization to misappropriate funds to purchasing alcohol for minors, is a violation. I bet there are some gray areas to this as well.

from what I remember anything that is going to hurt reputation of financial industry is considered professional misconduct. for example, if you are protesting a plant that polutes air and get arrested, or if you get pulled over speeding, it’s not professional misconduct because it doesn’t reflect poorly on your character. However, if you get drunk and fight at a football game that might be considered professional misconduct.

I thought you could get drunk as long as it does not reflect poorly on the profession. For me getting drunk at lunch and going back to work after is different than getting drunk during the week end, for example celebrating the victory of Giants this Sunday…

i’m not saying drinking is wrong, i was only talking about drinking and then beating somebody up at a football game.