What would thealiman or newsuper do........

Start studying now or… after new years???

Get hookers and blow off the exam.

Welcome back, dhcyick. No, I didn’t do anything this weekend.

Me neither. Went to the races, won some cash and drank a lot.

So when are you all starting? I just took FRM this weekend and I think I am going to pick up CFA books next Monday and enjoy this week off and spend some time with the fam and gf.

Although I said I’d start several times before now… I’ve always had Thanksgiving penciled in my mind. I’m gonna start perusing the pages of the CFAI text during the break… nothing intense though.

Well I have started, began summarizing the books back in the first week of October. Progress has been slow, about 1/3 of the way through Book 3 (but skipped Book 2). Aim to complete the process by the end of Feb.

as of now playing poker on fb/playing chess on yahoo seems more tempting then reading for LIII…but need to start soon if I want to clear it in one go