the earlier you prepared, the larger prob. you pass it.

A lot of people are saying early, I will be starting my browsing and scheming on 09/01/11. I like The+1Guy’s idea. I am still debating on schweser or elan but for now i am starting off with CFAI text.

start early and make sure u solve previous mocks and EOC more >3 times, schweser mocks are also helpful in a way or another…

Hand up. I don’t know if this is why I passed, but I did start in late November and read CFAI material as much as possible. Eventually I had to move more quickly and shifted over to Schweser. When it came down to the crunch months (March and April), I used both, side by side. I found Schweser to be stronger in Quant and FRA, but weaker in Fixed. Mistakes? I wish I’d started earlier. It would have been less stressful, and I could have spent more time doing practice exams. You can pick up whatever you forgot quite easily. 1BigStud Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > who passed Level 2 in here?

Wish I found AF early on - frckn 2 years ago. Great resource. And highly motivational.