What would you do - Job and CFA or have a Life and do one?

Basically I am currently working a job and taking Level 3 in June. I got a chance to jump to a new position in my company (with same pay, about 8k higher bonus). I can get this position in the next 3-6 months if I read about 2000 pages of background reading. Some of the reading will compliment my CFA reading, but time is time. Would you guys -Pass up the opportunity and just study for CFA (company does give 4k bonus for it, plus future potential for more $$ elsewhere). Able to have a life and relax a bit. -Attempt to do both

if the job is that much better i would take it. to me CFA is a means to an end. THe end being a better job.

In order of what I’d do: -both -just CFA distant 3rd: no CFA You’re staring at the finish line, man. Just get it done.

I’d zone in on L3, b/c if u pass that and get your charter (I’m assuming you have the req’d work experience) then it opens the doors to find other jobs externally (and maybe internally) that will pay far more than $8K/yr extra.

Sack up and do both. It’s only for a few months

totally agree with Xab on this do both if you are slacking at the new job the charter will help you to leverage out of it quickly

If you read 2000 pages, you get $8000. You’re getting paid $4 / page. That is quite simply a no-brainer. I don’t know whether you should do the CFA at the same time – variables that you should think about in making that decision include the probability of passing the CFA given your other readings.

Keep in mind, passing the CFA nets me 4k. So it’s both at 12k, CFA only at 4k, Their material for 8k

Seriously, do both. There are numerous examples of people taking on a lot to get this thing done. I know it sucks, I took L1 the same time as a full time job and part time MBA, but it is short term. CFA is not til june, you dont have to study until feb. That gives you around 3-4 months to read 2000 pages. That’s about 20 pages a day on average. Tough, but possible. Focus in, knock that out, then focus on CFA.

Yankee, I’m in the same boat. I work full time teaching and will be preparing for L3. I got propositioned to do part-time investment analyis work. I would prefer to accept this till after the exam in June, but I think I don’t think I’ll have a choice if I ever want to break into industry. Sometimes you just have to grab opportunities when they present themselves whether or not the time is right.

so you’re not gonna quit the cfa presumably, being so close to having it done… so your options are: read the 2000 pages and study for the exam at the same time. i would think if you started now and busted your ass you’d be just fine on both. read the 2000 pages now. defer the exam and know that you’ll have no life again for another six months next year when you study for level 3. i’d choose option A and be done with it. trust me…being done level 3 is the biggest weight off your shoulders. having a life again is awesome.

there’s really no question in my mind…do both. many more folks have done a lot more with less…if you’re looking for justification to wimp out then by all means wimp out. the yankees did this year why not yankees98a