What would you do ?

My boss said he would reimburse the CFA exam fees( that I’ve already paid for ) when I pass the exam but he said I’m on my own for the schweser stuff, however he also said that the office would cover the cost of the Windsor review but if I choose not to go for the Windsor review , they would cover the cost of the schweser materials. From what I have heard Windsor is one of the better reviews out there . I ‘m a repeating candidate so I do have the 2008 schweser books. I ‘m really tight on funds and can’t really afford to pay for anything else right now , so keeping this in mind if you guys were in my position what would you do ? 1.Start with the CFAI texts now and MAYBE if I’m in a better position in jan/feb buy the schweser material at that time ( out of my own pocket ) and go to Windsor . 2.Scrap the Windsor idea and get my office to pay for the schweser stuff instead? Most likely I will also have to use vacation time for the Windsor week. http://www.schweser.com/products/ssfa/

I dont know how people fly to another city/Country to Study… Windsor can be a fun time, I wouldn’t go there to study.

You’ve got the 2008 Schweser already…the material is almost identical, one thread already identified the changes and so focus on those from the CFAI books and you save yourself some $$. Then you can go to windsor…I went for level 2 and it was worth the money IMO

Schweser has the additonal Q’s that come with Schweser Pro which are good for practice . The CFA texts do not have too many Q’s . So not getting schweser would mean losing out on practice Q’s .

Did you use Schweser last year? If so, did you consider that you can get the package you had last year for half price. If that’s the case, maybe you can work a deal with your employer to pay the Schweser now, that gives you some time to save some funds, and give it back to your employer to put against the Windsor thing later when that has to be paid for. I think you can sign up for that right into March.

yeah I did use schweser last yr , however we do not get a 50 % disc. I called them to inquire , repeating candidates get 30% off the premium and premium plus solution , nothing off the essential package. I like your suggestion but I dont think that would fly with the boss .

borrow $400 from a coworker and tell them that if you pass, you’ll give them back $500. if you fail, they’ll just get $400 back.