What would you fit with Econ + Fixed Income & Deriv?

Hey Guys,

I have a small window over Christmas to fit a curriculum topic in for about 10-15 days between Econonomics (which I’m studying now) and a Fixed Income & Derivative class I start in the Spring.

My question is: which topic do you think would be a good one that crosses with Econ + FI & Deriv? Right now I’m leaning toward Alternative Investments or Corporate Finance given the time constraint…

Thanks all and Merry Christmas!


All of them.

Quit looking for an easy way out. You need to know all of it.

Did you even read any of my post?

Maybe work through Fixed Income or Derivatives now so you get the most out of your class?

Some additional context might help you solicit more responses.

I was trying to keep the question short and simple. Assuming we all have 5.5 months to prepare from this point forward; I’m finishing up Economics this weekend and have a Fixed Income and Derivatives class that starts online for grad school in January. So, there isn’t a lot of space from now until that class for me to hit one of the bigger topic areas (e.g. Equity).

On my original post - which topic area crosses over well with these two? If there isn’t one, then the idea was I would just default to Alt Investments (probably) considering the volume of material to cover there and get a handle on wouldn’t take as long given the time constraint.

Working through FI+D to get a head start isn’t a bad idea - but I’ve actually already done that to a certain degree this Fall so I’m tyring to get a breather from that material before I reboot it and hit it again.

My intent is to cover every area (obviously) given how much time is left. (I’m not looking for an easy way out - so absolutely clueless on what this CEO10k dude is referring to…)

I suspect that portfolio management might fit in well.

Glad you mentioned that, I had not even considered that one yet. (Originally had that topic area as one of the later ones I would study in the Spring)