what would you guys recommend for next practive

i have finished book 1 (average at 68%) yet have all of book 2 left (including 2006 exam). I have taken sample 1 - scored 73% spending 41 minutes to complete with two stupid errors. I was wondering which exam would would be best to take tomorrow. I don’t particularly like taking online and I am sick of dumping money into this test. Any advice is appreciated.

take a Mock. They are very, very different from the Schweser exams. A lot more thinking, a lot less calculating. Don’t want to go into the exam too Schweserized.

Honestly, I’d take the tests that you’ve done and go over them looking at your weak spots and touch up there. Those tests are going to have a good sample of the sections on the exam. 3 full exams in book 1 is all I did last year to pass and my average was less than yours. My feeling is taking another mock tomorrow could a) tire you out, and b) kill your confidence if you don’t do well. Just my 2 cents.

Babbu has PASSED L2…so take my advice with a grain of salt. He’s on the other side!

are the mocks different from the sample? and are they different in style from the 2006 in book 2? i actually found the sample incredibly easy - i went 2/6 and 3/6 in quant and fsa respectively - areas that I think I am actually strong. so tired i mixed up the dependent and independent variable as it related to conditional condition heteroskadasticity.

Big Babbu… so uve passed level 2? im tired of doing tests… im just revising my weak spots now… but im still taking tests on ethics…

i might do a mock and book 2 test 2006. Not worried about the confidence thing. because i recon’ at this point my pass/fail will come down to luck. I don’t think 142 Q’s will burn me out.

Do the 2006 CFA exam. I found it to be similar to the mocks.

I’ve never taken a CFA mock so I don’t know. Honestly, I thought the CFA exam (real deal) was easier than the Schweser practice exams. How can I say this…the level of difficulty is probably higher with the CFA exams, but the way they write the questions it is much easier to figure out what they are testing you on compared to the verbal diarrhea in the Schweser questions.

thanks everyone. i agree about the verbal diarrhea. throw in the random errata and you got yourself some serious fubar.

Wind up? You can’t get 73% on an exam in less than 45 min! No wonder you made some stupid errors?