what you averaging?

on schwesser mocks?

on schesser qbank?

on cfa topic tests?

on cfa pm?

on cfa am?

whats your study plan tomorrow.?

If I don’t know it by now I’m not gonna learn it tomorrow, so I’m relaxing and reading some notes hopefully get a good night sleep and have a good day on Saturday. I redid 18 topic tests yesterday and averaged 80% (I had done em all before though). CFAI Mock AM 70% PM 73%. Schweser Mocks Average AM 74% PM 71% - leads me to think I may have been scoring too generously. I averaged around 70% for CFAI AM past exams 2011-2015 too. Did 120 Schweser Q Bank questions today and got 79%. Overall not sure what average, have done about 800 QBANK in total. Been reading through notes this evening, just hoping we get a fair exam and the hard work will pay off. Can’t put my family through this again next year, or more to the point she will probably file for divorce lol she can’t take this shit anymore! Good luck all

Ha, my wife must be talking to yours! At L1 and even L2, whenever I was ready to throw my books out of the window, even after complaining about how ‘unavailable’ I became, she would calm me down and remind me that I could always give it another go.

She hasn’t exactly said anything along those lines this time.

just finisehd topics. discovered them like 2 days ago.

1st go effort averaged 77%.

the qbank 1st go. i got 79%.

PM’s. if i had to guess was 75%.

so im seeing a pattern. much better than last year. i averaged 65% to 70%. band 10. so hopefully this does the trick

word to the wise though. i think i scored prolly 70%+ on PM exam. AM i failed like 7 portions. so AM is most important. i reviewed the am exams. and the sad part is there were a lot of parts i know i think i should have gotten right where i was scored a fail. so either they didnt understand the handwriting or i didnt answer it effectively.

and to the people up above dont give up. im guessing most of us here are in are 20’s. which means we still got 40 working years (or 480 months). 3 mos of studying is a small price to pay. pass or fail. it dont mattter. keep taking it.

" pass or fail. it dont mattter. keep taking it." Personally, I’ve got much better use of my time and 800 bucks…(employer doesn’t reimburse fails).