What you guys do for work?

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portfolio manager at an investment advisory and planning group

senior analyst - equity capital markets

importer / exporter

buy side credit analyst

you work for Vandelay Industries???

Hahahahah!! Is that Art Vandalay??

Product Manager for a large asset mangaement firm.

Investment officer for a small endowment

looks like everyone is pretty much in the industry!

i work for a resource fund

Portfolio manager for a LC equity fund trying to break into IT in India.

But seriously, a product manager at a large asset mgmt firm.

They call me “The London Whale”. Need this CFA thing to bump my credentials now that I am jobless…

work at an investment and actuarial consultancy

22 right now. Finished graduation at 21. Didn’t look for a job. Will start searching after the exam. So bad tat I spent the whole year enjoying, went on multiple vacations and played table tennis with such idle friends; realized in mid-April that I have an exam. While you guys studied with discipline. Hats off to all of you. All the best.

Good luck in your job hunting

IR/marketing for a hedge fund @level3once … Awesome!!

Work for a small private wealth management and financial planning firm. I do most of the investment research and portfolio management for them.