what you guys think of airheads?

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Laffy Taffy is better.

It’s a solid movie that holds up with time. I actually had a brush with fame when I met Rusty Reilly (Congo, Payback, Pleasantville, Michael, etc.) during filming.


They seem nice.

I don’t like them.

They are good for flings but definitely not wife material


I can post music videos toooooooo, mijooooooooo!!!

how abotu trump’s wife. what would hse be classified?

I like Airheads … sometimes I eat them before cycling or something if I see them in the gas station. I don’t see them often. I feel like they used to taste better when I was younger.

i once picked up an airhead in a gas station. she was so hot. i always thought airheads lacked drive, so i was surprised that they still need gas.